Unions Restrict What Workers Can Get Paid

Most of us work day-in and day-out to make a wage we can live on hoping that our good work will be recognized by our employer and will result in an increase in our wages. We hope that our initiative and drive will move us above our coworkers who are not perhaps as hardworking or …

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5 Skills Needed to Be Effective In HR Leadership

Here is a list of some┬áskills I think are important if you want to be effective in HR Leadership. Each of these items has a link to a blog post to offer support for what I am saying. The ability to think on your feet while in front of an audience. Kris Dunn calls it …

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Fab Five For Friday the Fifteenth

Here you go. These are five outstanding blog posts that I wanted to pass on to you for your end of the week reading. So enjoy and be informed. First up is a short, but creative, post by Kris Dunn, the HR Capitalist, on If I Were Starting a Union, Here’s What I’d Do. It …

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