A Tool for HR in a Changing World

  At the SHRM 2012 national conference I had the opportunity to hear Tom Brokaw (see this post.) One of the many things he said that made an impact on me was “We can’t be a coach potato anymore to be an active citizen. You have to become aggressive about getting your news.” In reflecting …

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The First 2012 Carnival of HR

The dynamic Dwane Lay, writer of Lean HR and HR professional extraordinaire, is the host of the FIRST CARNIVAL OF HR IN 2012. He has assembled a collection of posts that will start your year off correctly. There are posts on: Performance appraisal Self appraisal Questions for leaders Resolutions Leadership lessons Unrealistic expectations Succession planning …

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HR as Knowledge Work

Yesterday I talked about knowledge workers and knowledge work. Today I want to to talk about defining the task and defining the results in knowledge work and how that applies to the field of human resources. According to Drucker the task is always a “given” in manual work. However, in knowledge work he says that …

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