The trend to ban salary history in the hiring process expands

In the attempt to promote gender pay equality several states and municipalities have made it illegal to ask job candidates about their salary history. Previously Massachusetts, New York City and Philadelphia have enacted legislation to prohibit asking for salary history as part of the interview process. Now San Francisco has joined the ranks, to no …

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Can you make a determination on a new hire with no salary history?

As a recruiter for several companies in my past HR positions one of the things I always asked for was a salary history. Many of my colleagues did the same thing. Now however, some states and city governments are making it illegal for companies to access this information. Will you be able to make a …

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The Impact of Measurement on Employees Now and in the Future

  As HR drives toward measurement of as much as possible one of the areas impacted is the measurement of employees. We are developing and using measures of merit. One economist thinks that this has bigger implications than just performance in your company. He thinks this will have an impact on employees now and in …

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