When is the Minimum Wage not really the Minimum Wage?

  There was an article in the paper the other day talking about workers having to be more accepting of minimum wage positions. The reporter quoted a teen worker who was surprised that she was not being paid minimum wage and the reporter expressed a sentiment that this was an outrageous act on the part …

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Skill Shortage? Stop Complaining and Do SOMETHING!

In a recent issue of the Atlanta Business Chronicle writer Randy Sutherland reported on a panel discussing the hiring situation in the Atlanta area. In a panel discussion called “Jobs of the Future” at the Atlanta SHRM conference the panelist talked about the fact that despite high unemployment there remain over 2000 high tech jobs …

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Interns/Co-ops Get a Leg Up on Dog-Eat-Dog Job Market

Many years ago when I worked for a manufacturing firm we were active users of students from a local big name engineering school. (Initials GT, also known as the “North Avenue  Trade school”.) We had a very active Co-operative student program going with them and used students every quarter. They would work for a quarter …

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