3 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Today’s post is from my friends at SocialMonsters.org Recruiting is a vital part of a company’s success. Whether it be for a short-term project, permanent placement or just an interim solution, hiring the top talent ensures that business is continually productive, growing and successful. But what’s the best way to find the top talent without …

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Do you hire NICE people?

At one of the sessions I attended at Dreamforce 2015 I listened to a panel of CEOs of four tech firms in California. They emphasized three things in their discussion, data, marketing and people. Data The panel, consisting of Jon Miller, Engagio; Evan Liang, Lean Data; Yaron Zakai-Or, Sales Predict and Mark Organ, Influitive, all …

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The Importance of Brand in Attracting Talent

  I don’t think anyone will argue that the “brand” your company projects is important in attracting customers. It is also important in attracting “talent” to your organization.   However, equally as important is the fact that your brand also acts as a natural screening tool to applicants. If you project a strong brand you …

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