From the archive: A Christmas lesson from Dickens

I have published this before, but as I reread A Christmas Carol each year I think the lessons should be repeated all the time.  One of my favorite books is A Christmas Carol. Most of us know it by the many movies that have been made, some well done, the others not so much. We …

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An Archive special: Four Myths about Holiday Pay under the FLSA

We are quickly arriving at the Christmas/New Years holidays. Most of you have a good handle on this, but for some new managers, HR people and payroll people there may be some confusion in how people should be paid for the holidays. Here is some guidance from the FLSA. Some of you may be in …

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Office parties and nonexempt employees

In addition to the post yesterday about holiday pay I thought I would address the issue of holiday parties since many of you may be having a holiday party this year Here is some quick advice on holiday parties and pay when dealing with non-exempt employees. Do employees have to attend? Most holiday parties are …

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