Three HR lessons on a Wednesday

In my reading, I have run across several blog posts that I think it would behoove you to read. These writers talk about topics that each HR professional should pay attention to, in order to be better prepared to deal with similar situations. Social media Despite the fact that social media use has been around …

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Are employees protected from termination for social media posts?

Curt Schilling, former superstar turned ESPN announcer, was prominent in the news last week because he got fired for comments he made about the North Carolina “bathroom” law. (If you are not familiar with what that is you click here.) Many people may have thought that Schilling was protected in his comments, so what is …

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Is a LIKE on Facebook Protected Speech?

  Social media use has attracted a great deal of attention in the last several years. It continues to be a focal point of regulatory and judicial activity that does not seem likely to slow down. A recent court case gives us further input on the question of whether a Facebook LIKE is protected speech. …

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