How long do I have to keep HR records? From the Archive

For the entirety of consulting I have gotten the question of how long records need to be kept. Since I got that question again last week I thought I would republish this post.  In my work, I spend time looking at the personnel files for many companies. Some of these files take up large amounts …

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Three great HR posts for Wednesday

Today is a small collection of posts I think you should read. Great stuff from great authors. Reading these will make you a better HR professional. First up is a great post from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employers Law Blog. In Developing an anti-harassment culture is key to stopping workplace harassment Jon talks about the importance …

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Personnel Files Can Help You or Hurt You

Frequently when I work with my small business clients one of the first areas I deal with is their personnel files. Not glamourous work, but often those files are a mess. And a messy file can hurt you, in several ways. Messy files make it difficult to know what is in them, or not in them, …

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