Future Friday: Rays of Hope for the Future

It is easy to sit in an office, looking outside at a cold, overcast sky and feel somewhat dismal. Listening to the news will certainly not perk you up either. So it is nice to come across an article that shows the future and the future of work is not as bad as you may …

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Future Friday: Looking at your employees through a digital lens

According to a paper by Gartner businesses need to now look at their world though a digital lens. This means that businesses need to look at people and things in a different way to maximize and better understand the opportunities that are available. I think this can be applied to employees as well. The Internet …

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Is there an embeddable device in your future?

I am away this week at an IBM #NewWaytoWork conference as an invited “Influencer” for my work writing about the future. For this week I am going to highlight a view posts that discuss some of the issues of mobility that we will be discussing at the conference. Originally published in July of 2015 I …

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