Rewarding the Wrong Behavior is a Failure of Leadership

The Atlanta Public School system has recently become an example of what can go wrong if you have a failureĀ of leadership. The story is one of improper strategic goals, rewarding the wrong behavior, punishing the correct behavior, human resources setting the wrong example and “the leader” more interested in personal success than the success of …

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5 Key Pieces of Advice in HR and Leadership

These five pieces of advice in HR and Leadership come not from me this week but from my fellow blog writers. Their collective wisdom provides us with information we should all heed. Up first is HR pro extraordinaire Kris Dunn. His advice in A Test to See If Anyone Actually Reads Your Employee Handbook… was …

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Employee Birthdays: Recognition or No?

Today is my birthday! No I am not fishing for birthday wishes.. well maybe a few LOL. But as I got to my birthday it made me think about how companies recognize employee birthdays, if indeed they do. So I did some Internet searching and came across several articles about celebrating birthdays. One such post …

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