Under the FLSA "Oral" Complaints Count

All employers know that employees grouse or complain about something in their job and/or the company on a daily basis. Sometimes we feel those complaints go overboard and we lable the employee as a “complainer” and end up helping the employee find work more suited to them, if you get my drift. Sometimes, actually often, …

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Federal Contractor Alert: OFCCP Changes Regarding Vets Affirmative Action

Just as the rest of the Department of Labor is making changes we now get changes from the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) regarding affirmative action. Both Seyfarth Shaw and Freeman Mathis & Gary have sent out summaries of the proposed changes from the OFCCP. I am not going to cover the entire …

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Background Checks: Why the FCRA Basics Are Important

In my opinion ALL hiring organizations should conduct thorough background checks. The expense is not all that great and the problems it may save you more than offset the cost. However, if you are going to do it there are rules you have to follow. In my consulting and teaching I find that many smaller …

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