Another Revisit to A Cup of Coffee and A Chat: Networking at Its Core

With #SHRM18 coming up in June I thought this was worth a replay. I came across an article called Serendipity as Strategy, written by Michael Soto of Spark Collaboration. It was a very interesting read. He talked about the ways in which companies are working to increase employees meeting and interacting with each other. These …

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What are you doing to encourage serendipity and collaboration?

The word serendipity was created by Horace Walpole in 1754 to describe the ‘faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident.’ Most of us think of serendipity as an accident. Fortunately, it generally has a positive connotation. It implies a lucky discovery that may improve a condition. But have you ever thought about trying …

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One big reason to have coffee in the workplace

We all know that having coffee in the workplace contributes to employee alertness. Did you know that it also contributes to another employee trait that is highly desired in your employees. This trait is one big reason to make sure a pot of coffee is brewed for your people. Honestly? According to author Samantha Cole, …

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