Pay equity is more than giving everyone the same amount of money

A few months ago Dan Price of Gravity Payments was lauded in the news for decreasing his salary and raising everyone else’s to a minimum of $70,000. This was heralded as the next wave of compensation. Unfortunately Mr. Price’s compensation experiment has backfired on him and his company. Trouble in paradise Now three months later …

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HR Predictions for 2014

  What does 2014 hold for the compliance arena in HR? Glad you asked. Here are my predictions for 2014. Midterm Elections The year 2014 is a midterm election year. It is a big one. There are 36 governor spots up for contention. There are also 35 Senate seats in contention and dozens of spots …

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CEO Compensation: Is an Accountability Trend Starting?

  Perusing the newspaper the other day a couple of articles on CEO Compensation caught my eye and I wondered if perhaps we are starting to see a trend in what companies are doing in CEO compensation and accountability. The first article was “NCR sets bar higher for CEO” and it talked about a corporate …

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