Future Friday: Gary Kushner at #SHRM17 and Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy

In anticipation of #SHRM17 I had an opportunity to talk to Gary Kushner about his session, which will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at 10:45 am. The full title of his presentation is The Changing Nature of Work and the Worker: Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy. At #SHRM2013 I attended Gary’s session of …

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Future Friday: Will the fulltime job as we know it disappear?

I read, write and think about the world of work and the gig economy quite a bit. I keep hearing prognostications that by 2025 40% of the jobs will be gig types of positions. I wonder though, how true that is. Are American’s going to be inclined to give up their full time jobs by …

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Future Friday: What will you have to do to keep your job in the future?

Last week I wrote about the views of Gerd Leonhard on Future Friday: Lost your job to a robot, sorry but re-education will no longer secure your rescue. If you read that you may recall that Leonhard thinks humans will have to be “creators” to have their jobs protected. Anything that can be routinized will …

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