Vital Role Of HR And Management In Improving Employee Onboarding: A Guest Post

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Employees are the biggest asset of any enterprise; that’s why they are always searching for new and competitive employees. However, hiring and retaining talent is quite tricky these days.

Once the HR team completes the recruiting process, the next and the most crucial step is employee onboarding. It is basically a process of assimilating new employees and introducing them in the workplace.

“Improve your employee’s lives so that they can improve the customer’s lives.”

A great consumer experience can only be achieved if your employees possess the ability to deliver excellent services. Without an efficient onboarding procedure, new hires had to face difficulty as they have no support or help.

Studies suggest that companies that invest in the onboarding process experience 54% productivity and 50% retention in the new hires. Understanding employee onboarding from an ethical perspective is essential because when an organization fulfills its ethical responsibilities, the individual automatically perceives him/herself to be a part of the psychological contract.

The Need For Good Onboarding

New hiring is always looking forward to the first day of their job. Why? Because they are excited to get acquainted with their workplace environment and job tasks and get engaged with other people.

This orientation for the new hires plays a significant role in employee retention, and without HR and Management, it cannot be accomplished.  HR managers play a vital role in effective onboarding processes, but they don’t often spend much time.

Employee’s onboarding is not only the responsibility of HR managers, but it must be shared by other directors as well. Supervisors and managers are the first representatives of the employee. Additionally, employee onboarding not only refers to the first-day activities such as paperwork and meet & greet, but it is a comprehensive and multidimensional process involving various training and support activities.

HR could be one individual or a group of people or a department managing the tasks collectively. It all depends on the size of an organization. The responsibility of HR is to work on recruitment and training processes. HR personnel has the duty of introducing the company and its policies to the new employees and provide training to help them learn when joining.

A good onboarding process is incomplete without management contribution. The management needs to work on establishing one on one connection with their subordinates. This can take place on the initial day or when the new hiring is handed over to their respective managers after orientation.

One primary duty of managers is to help the new employees understand the link between their job responsibilities and organizational goals. Moreover, they also help in increasing the employee’s productivity.

Helping in Reducing New Employee Anxiety

A good start at the company is very important. An effective onboarding process alleviates the stress and helps employees gain the confidence they need. No wonder employee engagement and higher retention are interlinked.

Every single interaction the employee has with your company will lay the foundation for fostering good and long-term engagement. That’s why HR and the management must work on improving the onboarding processes.

5 Sure Ways to Improve the Onboarding Process

Automating Recruiting Process

Change your onboarding process and shift towards HR automation. This helps in saving your time and efforts. Try to systemize your recruiting processes by automating the application system, e-tests, video interviews, and policy education. It significantly helps in reducing the burden of the newly hired individuals as well as the management.

Would you want your first day to be spending on sitting and wondering what to do? No, right. By mechanizing the recruiting procedure, you can easily complete the paperwork by sending the forms at home before their first day. This allows HR and management to concentrate on more exciting activities.

Simplifying the First-Day Activities

Another biggest hurdle most of the employees encounter during their first day at the job is that they get bogged down by the information shared with them. This makes them pressurized and overwhelmed. It is advised to simplify the first day activities that will help them in getting comfortable with the workplace environment.

There is so much to learn on the first day that it can be very overwhelming to integrate the new information. Easing the activities can help in speeding up the employee’s learning process.

Making Orientation Session Interactive

Automating the whole process allows you to make the orientation day more interactive. You can even make it more engaging by using images, videos, and webinars to introduce your company and to make it easier for the employees to absorb the information.


 Offering Personalized Training

Every employee possesses a different personality. Therefore, it is necessary to personalize the onboarding procedure to polish the new hire’s skills, strengths, and knowledge according to their job roles.

It will be preferred if the training material is designed according to as per the individual’s role and operation. The HR and the management can achieve this by employing the surveys to learn about the new employee’s preferences and what help they would be needing.

Solicit Feedback

Another practical approach for improving the onboarding process is to initiate a feedback system and then make improvements in these sessions based on the results. This helps the management in gaining valuable insights that aids in making improvements in the onboarding process.

What were the issues that you encountered on your first day at work? What areas were lacking? By asking such kind of questions, you can get helpful insights on your onboarding process.

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