Four Blogs from Lawyers you need to be reading

There are four blogs from four lawyers I know that are excellent resources for HR professionals. They write commonsense and not “lawyerese” thus making them very readable.

Jon Hyman

I have been reading Jon Hyman’s Ohio Employer Law Blog for years. Although I have never met him in person I feel like have known him in real life. I value his point of few and have reached out to him with a professional question or two over the years. Although the title of his blog is Ohio Employer Law Blog, his advice is pretty non-geographic in its application. In fact, his post today EEOC settlement teaches lesson on extended leaves of absence as ADA accommodation, is based on an Atlanta company’s mistake. Jon has an ongoing list of stupid things employers do. Make sure you avoid making his list.

Eric B. Meyer

Operating out of a Pennsylvania law firm, Eric B. Meyer is a wonderful resource for HR. I like him because he is snarky and puts a bit of bite into his posts on The Employer Handbook blog. Don’t let the title fool you, it is not just about handbooks. Today’s post, for example, is a resource that the EEOC provides that all HR departments need to utilize. Eric is a great resource for good stuff and for a good laugh. I have the good fortune of serving on the SHRM blog squad with Eric.

Jeff Nowak

Jeff is also a long-time acquaintance that I had the good fortune to meet in person at an Illinois conference where we were both speaking. Jeff is a specialist in the FMLA and in HR we all need one of those. Jeff writes FMLA Insights, a blog that has gotten him in the ABA Journal’s Blogger Hall of Fame. well written and practical the blog relates cringe-worthy stories of how employers and employees make major mistakes in dealing with leave issues. Given some of the issues my clients have had to deal with I make sure I read it all the time.

Robin Shea

Although I have not met Robin, or have ever talked to her, I have the utmost respect for what she writes and the guidance she provides. She has been fodder for a number of blog posts I have written, including one just the other day. Robin has been an attorney for 30 years and has a list of accolades a mile long. She is admired and respected by other attornies and I find her post eminently readable. She is good at distilling the message. She can be found at the Employment and Labor Insider published by Constangy, Brooks, Smith, and Prophete.

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