Three great reads to start your week with

Three HR lessons to educate you on a Monday.

There are three blog posts that I thought were important enough to point out to you this week. The first of these was written by attorney Robin Shea. Many of you may have heard that Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta has resigned and President Trump has nominated Eugene Scalia to replace him. As is the standard practice today the attacks against Scalia have already started. Robin Shea wrote her blog post to show us how these attacks are misinformed. Her post, My preemptive strike for Eugene Scalia, presents a reasoned point-of-view on his writings, rather than the click-bait analysis that is being done. It is important to understand the difference.

A question many ask

Alison Green, who writes the blog Ask A Manager, answers the question Can you fire someone solely for being racist?” Before you read the following lines answer the question. What do you think? The person that asked the question was told by an HR person that the answer was “No.” Green disagrees with that and she makes a comment that I have run into many times. “Your friend in HR is either not as fully versed in HR as she should be (which is likely at entry-level) and/or she works for a company with internal rules that she has mistaken for being the law (not uncommon among HR people, interestingly).” Click on the link above to learn Green’s reasoning. I hope it agrees with your answer.

Artificial Intelligence in HR

One of the most respected men in HR technology is John Sumser. In his AI in Wonderland post, John explains that technology is not as far along as the developers would like us to believe. Although it is making strides there is still a lot to learn. As John says: “The products and services offered under the rubric of AI make decisions and recommendations that used to be the province of human beings. We don’t really know if they are any good at it. We don’t really understand the consequences of using the tools.”
Read John’s post to understand, or at least to have a better understanding, of the state of AI technology in HR.

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