4 Motivation Hacks that will Engage and Inspire your Employees

Today’s post was written by Keith Coppersmith who is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. He enjoys writing and providing insight of the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

Although we all come in for the salary, and we do our best so as to stay relevant in this competitive environment, there are various sources of motivation for your employees to keep coming back on Monday, preferably with a smile on their face. When your teams hit a creative roadblock, when they are overwhelmed by a particularly difficult client, or when they haven’t had a chance to take a few days off for too long – a smidgen of motivation can help them stay productive and happy in the workplace. 

Luckily for you as their employer, you have more than money and other financial incentives at your disposal. As powerful as that bonus can be, sometimes your employees actually need a different sort of stimulation to be inspired to pour their heart and soul into their work. Take a look at the following psychological “tricks” that can help you inspire your employees and give them that nudge of willpower to deliver their finest work. 

Empower work-life balance

Your employees likely already spend eight hours per day, if not more, devoting their energy, creativity, and skills to growing your business. It often has a negative impact on their life outside the office, as their job may leave them too exhausted to go out on Friday, or too drained to head to the gym. 

Now, in order to infuse their life with health, and recognize their contribution to your business, how about treating them with tickets to their favorite show and on top of that, tell them to go home two hours early that day so that they can have time to get ready? Pay for their dance classes, let them work from home once or twice per week especially if they have kids, and bring healthy vending machines to the office. When they know their wellbeing is cherished, they’ll be inspired to give their best at work.

Put your brand front and center

Chances are that your teams already share your values. That alone is enough for them to be eager to contribute, but there are other ways to empower that feeling that they belong. Using brand colors in your office and adding your brand slogans and team photos can increase the warmth of your space. You can also give out branded promotional products every time someone new joins your team, and in the form of rewards for hard work and success on projects. 

Whether it’s a mug with your brand colors, or even a bowl of custom-made lollypops in the break room, an occasional treat can make all the difference in keeping your employees engaged, and eager to deliver. 

Practice company-wide recognition

Veteran business owners love this form of motivating their employees since they understand the simple psychology of appreciation. Plus, it’s completely free of charge, all it takes is a bit of your time and creativity to put your gratefulness into words. Let’s learn from the best: The Walt Disney World Resort implemented a recognition program and spotted a 15% increase in employee satisfaction.

Celebrate the success of each and every member of your team. You can do that by sending out company-wide emails when they sing a new client or complete a project successfully, congratulate them in person during those Monday morning meetings, and finally, get them a personal gift they’ll use and love.

Use gamification

It turns out that we may officially grow up, but we never stop being playful in nature. This psychological trait of ours can help you improve your team’s productivity when you encounter especially challenging tasks. Research confirms that gamification for the purpose of motivation increases engagement by almost 50%, which is a staggering number for such a simple method that works in almost every business environment. 

Key ingredients for successful gamification at the office include using rewards, making the game clear and simple to implement for all employees involved, and always state your goals clearly so that employees know what they should strive to achieve. Finally, what would a game be if it’s not fun? You can and should include your employees when designing the game so as to make sure everyone will have fun during the process – this is what helps you create an immersive experience that can even stop feeling like work and transform into an adventure. 

Reward them with more time off

Working long hours and spending most of our days at the office can be tiring even at the best of jobs and when we’re surrounded by truly fine people. That’s why you need to make sure your employees are getting enough time outside the office and that they’re actually not working outside the office. If some of your employees seem on the verge of burnout but aren’t really seeking time off – you can take the initiative, pay for a weekend getaway in a relaxing spa center and let them reconnect with their spouse.

When you see an employee struggling to stay focused, send them home and make sure they actually rest, leave them out of email correspondence, and send them a fruit basket. Rewarding them with a few more days off means they’ll be able to recharge their batteries and put their best foot forward the very next day. It costs more to keep your people at the office when they’re drained and error-prone than to send them home to rest and practice self-care.

Be the leader and the boss your teams deserve and use their mindset and their preferences to motivate them each and every day. These are just some out of many useful ways you can keep your teams eager to work along your side, so keep them as a part of your motivation arsenal for future efforts.

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