A Guest Post: Why Should Restaurant Companies Have HR Departments?

Today’s guest post focuses on the restaurant industry. Valmira Rashiti is a practical mystic, book worm and very much fond of words, whether written or spoken. She currently writes for Kiwi, which is a restaurant LMS that aims to help restaurant owners train their staff in an easier and more effective way. In addition, they offer online training courses for different restaurant services.

It is a well-known practice that restaurant employers most of the time do not get any of the social benefits. If you talk to them about health insurance, compensation, improper working hours or other relevant employment policies they will look at you with a peculiar face, thinking you’re being delirious. However, with reforms constantly in demand in the food industry, competition being very high, along with the urgent need to maintain a well-trained staff, Human Resources can just be a lifesaving option for restaurant companies, that of course if they want to maintain their consistency.

Looking at the long term aspects on which a qualified HR team can add value to the continuance of a restaurant, we can think of these key components:

  • Employment benefits
  • Motivated staff
  • Staff development
  • Quality Assurance

Tough to afford insurance

Even with the entering in force of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most small businesses still cannot afford quality healthcare insurance coverage for their employees. For many individuals working in the restaurant industry, even if their employer offers health insurance, many do not enroll because the monthly premiums are still too high, or the coverage includes a huge deductible.

Sick days

According to Worker advocate groups like the Restaurants Opportunities Center – “almost 9 out of 10 restaurant workers lack paid sick days (87.7%) and health insurance from their employer (89.7%). As a result of the fact that workers cannot afford to take care of themselves or stay home when they are sick, two-thirds of restaurant workers (63.6%) working sick, unnecessarily placing co-workers and diners at risk.”

This calls for an urgent need of measures to be taken and a placement of good Human Resources management teams that can add up adequate expertise and develop policies that can improve the company’s responsibility towards their employees, on fulfilling their rights. A proper HR team can set the ground for job descriptions, compensation and health, retirement benefits, risk management, monitoring work-related injuries and mitigating their cost to any business. This will further more reflect on the number of your clients as well, as people nowadays are definitely following the concept of corporate responsibility, whether that be towards the product or towards the employees.

Guidance is needed

Just because the way restaurants work is a fast pace, dynamic one, that does not mean that restaurant workers should be left with no guidance. Other important concerns that may arise and should be foreseen by the HR Team are harassment matters and labor discrimination. These are very common, left without regulating issues which can furthermore reflect your business and ruin the balance. Whereas a good HR team that has the right approach to a variety of cultural and ethnic groups can better manage to diminish the appearance of these cases or regulate them in time.

All the previously mentioned elements lead to a satisfied employer. Providing your staff with the right treatment, having them enjoy their granted benefits, is the right way to keep them motivated and to keep the work flow always productive. You do not want to keep changing employers due to unsatisfactory policies, as it has been proven that keeping the same employers and investing in them is a win-win situation.

A good HR team

Besides investing in them regarding their labor rights, a good HR team can also develop different employment training programs. Considering the fast pace that was previously mentioned, experiencing a burn-out in the food industry is highly likable. Adding constant training can boost employee’s self-esteem, motivation and their level of service offering.

By investing in them in such a manner, we end up to our last component, Quality Assurance. Human Resources management can develop effective strategies that can make employees maintain a desired level of quality in your food service, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery. After all, that is the purpose of their job, a qualified motivation of employees, delivering efficiency and promoting your restaurant for its best values.

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