Not Going to the SHRM19? How about if I offered you a discount?

I have attended many SHRM conferences. I will be in Las Vegas in June to attend #SHRM19. I would like you to join me. I have written in the past the importance of attending. What I said was:

When you attend a conference you are there to learn. The sessions this year look spectacular. My schedule is full. I will learn things to help keep my clients informed. That is what you are there to do as well, with your “clients” being your management team. This ability to inform and identify trends is probably the best reason to visit the marketplace. Yes, I understand you are not the “buyer” in most cases, but you can be the “influencer”. So gather information, learn new technologies and be prepared to report on what you saw and learned. By being a forward-thinking “influencer” you will be more likely to one day be a forward-thinking decision-maker.

Using #SHRM18 to go from Influencer to decision-maker

An Enticement

As an enticement to get you to come to the conference I am offering you a discount on your membership. Now, in reality, you don’t have to come to get this discount, the code will still work, but why not join, or renew, and make it to the conference?

To get the discount go to the membership page and enter the code MIKE20 to save $20. After that send me a note and tell me if you will be at the conference and I will buy you a cup of coffee and introduce you to the Blogger Squad.

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