Motivated Employees and Where to Find Them

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Sometimes companies take that “we are a customer-centric business” mantra so seriously that they either neglect their employees or they fail to grasp their role in their brand’s success. While it’s commendable that you’re doing your absolute best to amaze and dazzle your audience, it’s good to remember that your teams are a part of that audience, as well as your most valuable brand ambassadors, and how you treat them will shape your reputation to a great extent. In translation: motivated, happy employees do not grow on trees, you need to create them if you want your business to reap the rewards.
Surprisingly, there are several time-tested methods to motivate your workers and find people to join your team who are motivated by nature. Sometimes you’ll find them in the least likely of places, and sometimes you’ll have to search far and wide for that perfect candidate, but the result will be the same – a brand that will grow with the help of its eager employees.

Rewards work

A kind word is a great start, but tangible, actual rewards are the best way to go for companies that expect results on a daily basis. It goes beyond showing your appreciation for their exceptional accomplishments, as it also helps you express that you value their time, their work, and that you’ll gladly help them achieve that infamous work-life balance. Most importantly, reward effort, not just results. That way, some of your stressed employees can enjoy the same perks as the ones who may have closed a major deal recently.
It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, on the contrary. Your reward system can come in various forms, from giving them an extra day off, tickets to a game or a play, a dinner for two in their favorite restaurant, or a pass for an event they love. Let these little tokens of gratitude do the talking, and you’ll see your employees working eagerly to earn them.

Refine your hiring process

Sometimes, the most motivated employees are found in your office. At other times, you keep missing the opportunity to ever let them become a part of your culture simply because you never consider diverse employing options. The key word here being: diverse. As a great example, working with a reputable disability employment agency can help you find exceptional candidates who can thrive with a little help and guidance.
The fact that these talented individuals have certain disabilities does not prevent them from being hard workers, eager to learn, and productive. You’d be surprised how many people can flourish if given the right chances in life. Be that employer, give everyone equal chances, and with such an open-minded hiring practice, you’ll never lack motivation among your teams.

Empower transparency

Can your employees come to you when they have concerns or questions? How often do you have meetings where you share information with people from all levels in your company? How much do you share with your employees at all? If you nurture transparent communication from the very first contact with your employees, you’ll have a better chance to motivate them properly.
This also refers to your remote teams. Regular, face-to-face communication, video conferences, team building activities, and simple meetups are necessary to build a relationship. You cannot expect your employees to feel like a part of a culture, of a team, if they are treated like expendable parts of a machine. Let transparency permeate your business structure. Organize daily or weekly meetings, ask for feedback and give feedback, share and offer advice, make sure that everyone is involved, and ask for opinions – this should be the very foundation of any modern-day business.

Make learning a part of your culture

Few people nowadays will settle for a job that will remind them of quicksand. Dead-end positions are a thing of the past, and if your company doesn’t emphasize learning opportunities, you’ll find your people looking into other employment options soon enough. Perhaps some of your team members would like to perfect their email correspondence skills, become better negotiators, or learn a new language.
Whatever it is, imbue your brand with curiosity by offering regular improvement options. However, in addition to lectures, workshops, and other profession-related events, you can and should encourage them to learn for the sake of learning. Empowering personal growth from inside your office will only motivate your employees to be loyal to your business.

Acknowledge them

Finally, no matter how confident we are, it’s perfectly human to want to be recognized for our accomplishments. Working in an office that doesn’t recognize its employees for their contribution to your company’s growth means you’re giving them a reason to look for alternative jobs. Yes, this ties into our reward idea, as incentives are a part of recognition, but it shouldn’t end there.
Show your gratitude in meetings by openly praising exceptional work, encouraging those who need a confidence boost, and empowering employees to encourage one another as well. When they support each other on a daily basis, share words of encouragement, and praise each other during meetings – you’ll have a close-knit team of people who believe in your business as much as you do.
Where to find motivated people, you ask? In places that let them thrive, and these tips, among many others, serve to help you make your office that place, so that you and your employees can all benefit from a healthy company culture focused on mutual growth.
Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. He enjoys writing and providing insight of the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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  1. Employees are the sailors of the firm and it is necessary to have motivated sailors in the sail to pass through the storms. These mentioned tips are indeed useful to create and hire such employees in the firm. Thanks for sharing such a great piece.

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