Finding workers from Generation Z

Gen Z is much more traditional in their job searches than you might think.

When you talk to older HR people and executives about the workers in the upcoming generation of workers, those known as Generation Z, the assumption is that you will need some high tech, whizbang, method to reach these workers who have been connected online all their lives. That assumption may stop many companies from pursuing these workers promptly. However, Ryan Jenkins, the Next Generation expert, says that could not be further from the truth.

Usual methods

Jenkins, in an article called THIS IS HOW AND WHERE TO HIRE GENERATION Z, says that the results of a survey of 16,000 high school seniors, so that they are much more traditional in how they search for work. The survey shows the following methodologies for these Gen Z members:

  1. Indeed (28 percent)
  2. LinkedIn (13 percent)
  3. Google (12 percent)
  4. Snagajob (11 percent)
  5. Monster (7 percent)
  6. Company Websites (5 percent)
  7. Glassdoor (5 percent)
  8. Zip Recruiter (3 percent)
  9. USAJobs (3 percent)
  10. Facebook (3 percent)

Pretty standard search tools.

How Generation Z finds a job

The data selected also shows that these “kids” are taking lessons from parents and Millennials they know by using the methods below to find a job.

  1. View websites of companies I am interested in for open positions (76 percent)
  2. Ask my friends and relatives about available position they are aware of (61 percent)
  3. Speak to my school counseling or career services office (53 percent)
  4. Attend a job fair (53 percent)
  5. Use a local / region job website (43 percent)
  6. Use a national job website (35 percent)
  7. Work with a recruiter (25 percent)
  8. Use mobile apps (23 percent)
  9. Search for jobs using print materials (12 percent)
  10. Other (2 percent)
*Percentages may add up to over 100 percent as respondents could select multiple options.
There were more revelations in this survey about the denizens of this generation that you might find helpful to know. I would suggest you read Jenkin’s article by clicking this link: THIS IS HOW AND WHERE TO HIRE GENERATION Z

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