Future Friday: Creativity in Recruitment

To be successful in the future HR must exercise some creativity.

The headlines read “One million more jobs than candidates.” Companies are struggling with finding workers to fill their positions. This is requiring those in charge of finding talent to be more creative. One suggestion for a creative approach comes from an interview with Cheryl Cran, a “future of work expert” and founder of nextmapping.com, which was published in Area Development. Cran offered the example of an HVAC company that was struggling. They did a survey to find out what their employees had in common and why they worked for the company. They discovered that many of them enjoyed outdoor activities, such as hunting and camping. Exercising their creativity, the “company creatively decided to put a recruiting booth at a series of hunting and fishing tradeshows within their states and was able to recruit quite effectively.”
How can you exercise your creativity? What do your employees have in common beyond their jobs with you? Where can you go to find people with those interests? The future is about being creative and getting out of your typical rut.

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