Two for Tuesday

Two major issues that need to be learned.

It has been a while since I last published due to my holiday hiatus. I wanted to start back up by making you aware of two publications of importance to HR.
First up is a notice from Susan Milner Parrott of  Smith Anderson. She writes about four new opinion letters published by the US Department of Labor. These include letters on employers taking tip credits; one on whether or not a pool may exempt an employer from the FLSA; another about the “reasonable relationship” provisions of the FLSA (I will be writing more on this later this week); and lastly, the relationship between volunteer fire departments and the FLSA. If any of this stuff applies to you then take a look.
The second was written by Kara Shea of Butler Snow LLP about working off the clock. This is already a major problem in many companies and will become even bigger when we have a new definition of exempt status in March. Ms. Shea relates to us the Chipotle case and talks about the dangers and damages that result from employers making their workers work off the clock.
These are short reads, though they might have to be read twice to fully understand them. Take the time and get an education.

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