Future Friday: What is your company’s megatrend?

What MEGAtrends will you need to respond to?

In a post in 2016, Future Friday: Can you tell the difference between Fads, Micro Trends, Macro Trends, and Megatrends?, I wrote that “Megatrends are the long-lasting, years in developing, things that shift the world.” Just today I read that “Climate one of four ‘megatrends’ for Qantas.” In another article Glenn Gore, who is the chief architect for Amazon Web Services, says that artificial intelligence is the number one megatrend for many, if not all, businesses. That made me think that all of us should be asking “What is the main megatrend for our business?”
For many industries climate main be the major megatrend that they need to pay attention to today. For others, like Amazon Web Services, the rise of artificial intelligence may be the prime megatrend. Rising disease, falling incomes, affordable housing, changing education, and many others may be the main megatrend you need to pay attention to. My question is “ARE YOU?”
Yes, you in HR need to be asking questions and understanding what megatrends will affect your business. These megatrends will affect who you hire, what education is needed, what training is needed, how you may compensate people, and many other issues as the workforce develops. Will you be prepared? Will you understand the alternative futures?
Unfortunately, the answer is, some of you will and some of you won’t.

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