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Scary stories of HR

I thought it was apropos to replay this Carnival of HR on Halloween. Enjoy these scary stories from last year.
For the Halloween version of the Carnival of HR, the host, Mike VanDervort, asked us to submit “scary tales of HR.” Mike said:

I suggested that people share a story about a scary HR practice or manager issue that they had to deal with in the past.  As is the norm for the Carnival,  most people ignored that request and sent in posts talking about whatever they thought was important to them.   Okay.  I can deal with that.

He did a damn good job of taking the submissions and fitting them into a scary theme. Mike starts off with a zombie-themed blog from the HR legend, Steve Browne, who tells us how to get out of the zombie-like funk that many HR professionals find themselves in on occasion. It is an excellent read, don’t miss it.
Mike then “treats” us to other blog posts that cover a variety of subjects including, a union protest at Disney (they are asking for how much??), a couple of sexual harassment posts (well it is headline news), culture, and of course one from me about paying for breaks, (Yeah I was the one that sort of ignored the theme.)
Head on over to It was a dark and stormy night full of scary HR stories  and read these excellent blog posts.

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