Are we making strides in age discrimination?

I want to applaud for a TV commercial they are running called “The box”. In an era where age discrimination is still rampant, makes a statement that being an older employee is not the career death knell that many older workers feel it is. Watch this commercial below and see if you don’t agree.

Hopefully, other employers will start to realize there is continued value in having older workers stay or even more value in hiring older workers that bring a wealth of experience to their organization.

1 thought on “Are we making strides in age discrimination?”

  1. Old people are like living encyclopedia who’s full of knowledge & experience that be shared with the generation to come. Most of the time, they were not being accepted into the workforce where health is the biggest concern. After all, no matter what’s their age, old or young, one should be assessed based on their capability & skills, not those external characteristics, unless the job required it.

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