Future Friday: Are changes in the view of productivity changing because of technology?

Does technology allow workers to reflect on the impact of their work?

Many people still view productivity as getting things done or getting things made. HubSpot’s chief people officer, Katie Burke, sees it differently. In an article in SiliconRepublic, she is quoted as saying:

“I prefer thinking about performance and impact. It expands the conversation outside of just what you make, and gives room for the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. Results are really important, but so too are the processes, inputs and failures that help us get to better impact long-term.”

I agree with Burke. Technology does allow us to make things faster. It should allow workers more time to reflect on the impact of what they are doing. It should allow workers time to improve on their work. Speed is handled by automation and technology. Purpose is what improves the long-term impact on the business, the worker, and the customer.
Are you using technology to improve your productivity? Is that improvement allowing you to reflect on the impact of what you are doing? How has technology made you a better worker? How has technology made you a better person?
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