My Blog has become a teenager! It turns 13!

Thirteen years of writing!

Back when I started my blog I was hoping I could have a bit of a voice in the HR world. I believe I have done that. I may not be world famous but I am known around the world. I am very grateful for those of you that read what I write. THANK YOU!
I write to inform and to warn, but mostly I write to learn. Having to keep up with the news and trends keeps me sharper. It has allowed me to be on the Blog Team from SHRM National at the last 8 conferences and I am grateful for them inviting me back each year.
I do not write about what most HR blogs write about. I try to be diverse in my subject matter, but the one area I am passionate about is the future of HR and the future of work. I was writing about that every Friday long before many of the better-known voices. I am glad they caught up. LOL
As I said at this time last year, I am good for another couple of years of writing. I hope you will continue to be a reader. Again, thank you for your readership!

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