Ten Disruptions Ahead: HR Technology For 2018- A guest post

What disruptions are occurring in 2018?

Today’s guest post is written by Ashley Lipman
HR is a business sector that is constantly growing and maturing. There are new innovations and disruptions taking place each year, and 2018 is no different. With that in mind, this article is going to look at ten disruptions that will take place in 2018.

A Ton of New Investment

While HR hasn’t typically seen a ton of investment compared to other business areas, that is starting to change. Over the last few years, billions of dollars from investors and venture capitalists have gone to human resources. Many new (and existing) startups and other companies are putting this funding to use by building new tools, optimizing current methods and so much more.

Team Management is Incredibly Important

Managing a team is becoming very different in the modern day than in the past. Not only are more people using technology every day, but the layout of the team is also becoming more modern. More people have flexible schedules, some work remotely and more. As a result, managing a team using software or other tools is often recommended. If you want more info on the trends in this particular area, the internet is a great place to look.

The Emergence of Intelligent Systems

Innovation in the space has brought about things that certain individuals like to call “intelligent systems”. These are new tools that have been created to help company leaders in a variety of ways. From assessing a potential candidate to noticing fraud, these tools can offer significant benefits over the standard tools from previous years.

Organization Over Talent

For a very long time, a big part of HR has been focusing on talent and the employees at a company or firm. Almost all innovation and investment went into the individuals, but now, the companies are starting to put time into the organization. If you work on the organization, it will trickle down to the employees. Improvements to the organization and leadership of a company are just as important as focusing on the employees. Remember the old saying, there is no I in team, so think of the organization and company as a whole first and foremost.

Workplace Productivity Tools Are Taking Over

If you work as a part of a team or in a decently modern office setting, there is a good chance you know what we’re talking about here. There are countless pieces of software, tools, and apps that aim to help increase worker productivity in our modern day and age. Examples of these include Slack, Asana, Trello and more. They can keep teams organized on the go and ensure they can always be productive, even when away from the office. These are also fantastic for remote teams.

Allowing Employees to Offer Feedback

A solid employee experience is incredibly important at any company, and even more so now than ever. It is no longer enough to send out an annual survey to your employees, there needs to be continuous listening to the questions and concerns of employees. As a result, organizations should use a set of tools to ensure the employee wellbeing is high.

How Companies Recruit is Changing

While companies are responsible for a lot of important things, none are as important as hiring new employees. A company is only as good as their employees. Many employers are starting to recruit new employees in new and unique ways, or using new techniques for screening employees. Technology is playing a big role in that such as video assessment.

HR Departments are Becoming More Creative

For a while, HR wasn’t an area with a ton of new ideas, innovations or creativity. However, in the modern day, that is changing. Many HR departments are asking more questions and pushing the boundaries and demanding more. This is a welcomed addition as more creativity is always a good thing for companies, especially when it comes from new origins.

New Tools of All Kinds

Of course, with how much technology has advanced and matured in recent years, there are always new tools to be used. There are a multitude of HR tools out there to help those who work in HR do everything from plan their day, work on projects, monitor people analytics, AI and more. Don’t be shocked to see this continue as innovation continues to drive new and exciting tools for HR professionals put to use.

A Move to Collective Leadership

There is seemingly a pivot happening in the world of HR, and it pertains to leadership. In the past, there was generally a single individual who was seen as the “leader” of the team. But now, many companies are going with a collective leadership team. This promotes a shared responsibility between the leadership team and helps make decision making better as well.
In conclusion, these are some of the trends and disruptions that are shaping the HR industry in 2018, and will likely continue to affect it going into 2019 and beyond.
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