Vendor “love” from #SHRM18

Did you visit the vendors?

If you attended the SHRM18 conference in Chicago and made your way to the exhibition hall you were most likely awed by the size, number, and diversity of companies. I just did not have enough time to visit as many vendors as I had wanted to visit. I had a couple of companies that had asked me to stop by and several that were at the fringe of the hall. So I will profile a few that caught my attention.


Despite that my company is just me, I do evaluate HR systems in order to propose solutions for my clients. I don’t have any enterprise size clients so I look at systems that are better suited for small and medium-sized companies. BambooHR consistently ranks highly for its ability to serve the small and medium size company. In fact, the number of users that can use the system is topped out at 1000. PC Reviews lists it at an Editors’ Choice. They have been around for 10 years and have over 11,000 clients, so they are doing something right. One of the things I like about it is they make it easy for a consultant like me to partner with them and my client to make it easier to interact with my client. They are staying up with the times and have released a mobile app for the system as well. In 2017 they were number 14 on the list of the top 63 employers to work for in Utah. Check them out at BambooHR.

Just Candy

One of the more unique promotional companies I came across is Just Candy. They will personalize any sort of candy packaging for you to use as appreciation gifts, thank you gifts, or even as calling cards. Yeah, I know, not earth-shakingly special, but I was not familiar with them. It was different and the Hershey bar tasted good.

Ergonomic equipment

There were two ergonomic equipment companies in attendance. The first, VariDesk, I had discovered last year. Their equipment is even better this year. If I could ever get my current desk cleaned off I might consider a desk I can both stand and sit at. The second ergo-related company was LifeSpan. The feature they had that caught my eye was the AirSoft Standing board. In fact, they gave one of those away, unfortunately not to me.

In the educational arena, the Social Security Administration caught my eye with educational material to help prepare we older workers for retirement and understanding what benefit we have stored away. Many of your older workers are not prepared to deal with retirement and you could do them a great service in helping educate them on what Social Security can do for them.

Life Beam

Life Beam had personal fitness product called VI, which is designed to work with your fitness tracker and provide you with motivation to make your workout better every day. I will be giving a further report after I have a chance to use it on a trial workout. So stay tuned.


If you visited vendors, ate their food, drank their drinks and took their swag, then make sure you show them some love by staying in touch with them. You never know when you may need them.

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