Sexual Harassment has a major impact on NYC employers

How many small companies will even know this new law will exist?

I happened to be in New York City this past Monday, April 30th. As I was sitting having dinner, by myself, I was watching the television as they discussed the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, proposed changes in sexual harassment law in the city. Already tough to begin with, where standards had been set for companies of just four employees, these NYC laws now extend to companies of all sizes. So single employee companies are subject to this change in the law. Given the vast number of small employers in New York City, with 99% of employers being described as small, that is a lot of companies that will have to pay attention.
Training and documentation of this training must be conducted for all employers with 15 or more employees. New employees have to be trained within 90 days of employment and those records must be kept for three years. This training must be interactive but does not have to be live, so many employers will be looking for that secret formula.
The statute of limitations for reporting harassment has been extended to three years although the federal standard is 180 days.
It will be interesting to check in several years and see how well this is being enforced. My bet is that many small business places will not even be aware that they have a new law to comply with.

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