The April edition of the HR Carnival: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This week’s edition of Future Friday is postponed until next Friday in preference to publishing this month’s edition of the Carnival of HR.
This month’s carnival is hosted by Dorothy Dalton, a talent management strategist, and coach based in Brussels, Belgium. Dorothy asked contributors to submit posts and tell her where they fit on a traffic light system. Green for good practices, amber for things that needed some adjustment, and red for things HR needs to stop doing. Sixteen bloggers responded, and I am happy to say that half of them submitted “green” posts. Some samples from this carnival include:

  • Laurie Ruettimann talks about how learning HR takes more effort than just watching videos.
  • Mark Stelzner talks about how to build a case for HR transformation.
  • Claire Petrie talks about connecting with future HR leaders.
  • Yvonne LaRose talks about the value of fifty-year-olds in the workplace.
  • I was included as a green when I talked about the importance of training supervisors.
  • Steve Browne talks about the importance of connecting with other HR professionals, which I am sure he is writing about this in anticipation of #SHRM18.
  • Prasad Okurion shares how we can better integrate the mystical (Organization Development) and the analytical (HR Analytics) in HR.
  • Paul Hebert thinks that HR professionals need to scale back the social media presence, a lesson he has learned from his own life.

There are another eight great blogs I have not mentioned. You need to go to Dorothy’s post at Reflections on The future of HR at Carnival of HR to get all this good stuff. Your work and your attitude will be better for it.

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