The gender pay gap is not what we are told it is, who knew?

Find out the real reasons the pay gap exists.

We have all read the news stories about the gender pay gap. The stories tell us how women are only earning 77% of what men earn. As you may have guessed, this is not the FULL story. In a recent study conducted by it is revealed that many factors need to be considered in this analysis. You will find facts such as:

  • Career interruption is a key factor in the differences in wages.
  • Wage differences, comparing men and women in similar positions at similar times, are only about 2% different, and in some job categories, women earn more than me.
  • Educational level has less impact than you might think it does.
  • Men have more career interruptions for being fired than do women.

This study is very interesting. I encourage you to read it.
You can find it HERE. Read it, be informed! Make pay decisions from knowledge rather than basing them on emotional hype.

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