Five great posts for all HR professionals to read

Five fantastic reads to educate and inform.

As I occasionally do, today I am bringing to you five great posts that I think are important for you to read. I am certain you will learn something.
First up is a great post from my friend Jon Hyman. In his post Let’s all try to remember to have gender-neutral employment policies Jon reminds us that, although a policy may be legal, it might not be correct. Such a policy can lead to more trouble than it is worth. Trying to remain gender neutral, especially in today’s world is very important.
Next, we have attorney Janette Levey Frisch, who gives us a warning not dissimilar to what Jon had warned us about. Janette reminds us that parental leave policies should not just benefit the mother. Certainly, FMLA requires we offer parental leave equally, but that is unpaid time. What if you offered paid leave for the opportunity to “bond” with the new baby? One company made the mistake of not offering equal time off to both mothers and fathers and got charged with sex discrimination. “But fathers are not recovering from childbirth”, you cry. Find out why the wording of your policy is important in this circumstance. Read Oooh Baby! EEOC Reminds Bosses that Dads Get Parental Leave Too…
We read a lot about “adulting” today. Apparently, not everyone does it well. Many employers don’t think they do a good job of hiring adults. I have had a couple of discussions with clients recently about problems that might have been solved if everyone involved had acted like adults. Tim Sackett, in HOW TO BE AN ADULT! AN EMPLOYER’S EDITION, gives us some advice on how to be an adult that we could pass on to employees or prospective employees. Give it a read.
I occasionally get asked is a deduction can be made from an employee’s paycheck for either theft or overpayment. The answer, like many such incidents, is “it depends.” Attorneys  Employee Theft: Can Employers Deduct Suspected or Known Theft from an Employee’s Paycheck? You have probably wanted to know what “it depends” means, so make sure to give this one a read.
Lastly, I am going back to my friend Jon Hyman, who wrote an excellent piece that may help you transition an older worker to retirement without getting the company in discrimination hot water. It is illegal to force people to retire. Many baby boomers don’t want to, or can’t retire because of financial circumstances, but that does not mean they remain productive employees. What can you do? Jon provides some excellent advice in How can you transition older workers if you can’t force them to retire? There is wisdom in this advice. I would follow it if I was you.
So there are five fantastic blog posts that will educate and inform you. They are worth money to you!

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