Top 5 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout: A Guest Post

Guest writer
Micaiah Sowards

Today’s post is a guest post from writer Micaiah Sowards. She offers tips on things employers can do to prevent employee burnout. These are some good tips that are often overlooked. 
Are you struggling to keep your employees motivated? Do they seem to burnout faster than you can fuel their fire? You are not alone. All companies experience employees who lose interest in their work and eventually become more of a burden than an asset. Inevitably this will lead to financial loss for your business. So what can you do? Well, you can start by minimizing burnout in the work place with these five tips:

1. Stop Micromanaging

Yes that means you, the one who cannot help but put in your two cents on how a project should be done or how a presentation should be put together. Stop what you are doing. When employees feel like they have no control over their own work they become less engaged and eventually lose interest in their work altogether. There is a difference between giving clear expectations and goals and taking away from an employee’s autonomy.

2. Look Outside the Workplace

Be sensitive to issues employees may be facing outside of work. Whether we like to admit it or not, our personal lives can influence the way we work. An otherwise good worker may begin to struggle with his/her work if there are problems at home. Do not pry into your employee’s life, but encourage them to talk to someone about their issues and how they may be affecting their work performance.

3. Communicate

Communication cannot be a one-way street. On the one hand, as an employer you should be able to clearly express expectations, project deadlines, and overall goals of the company. Employees should know what is expected of them so they feel like there is a purpose to all of their hard work and dedication. On the other hand, employees should feel like they can be honest and upfront with their managers about potential situations and problems in the work place. It is up to you, the employer, to create such an environment.

4. Show Appreciation

This part is easy! There are many ways you can show your employees that you appreciate them:
• Provide a breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk
• Provide an afternoon snack of chips and dip
• Offer to release everyone early from work, even 30 minutes will do the trick
• Have a meeting filled with team building games and awards
• Offer an encouraging or kind word
Any employee will tell you that when they are shown a little appreciation it can brighten their whole day. They suddenly feel full of energy and ready to take on their all their tasks and projects with gusto. It doesn’t take much but it can make a world of difference.

5. Further Education/Training

Employees work harder when they feel like they are able to climb the ladder and achieve more. Giving workers the opportunity to further their education and do additional training does just that. No one likes to feel stuck in a rut with no chance of improving their situation.
Remember, just because your job is fulfilling, don’t think that your employees feel the same. Everyone is susceptible to workplace burnout. Evaluate your employee’s level of burnout and take measures to deal with any that may exist and prevent any that does not. In the end, everybody wins.
Author Bio:
As a writer for the Built for Teams blog, Micaiah specializes in educating small business owners on effective HR management. Visit our site to learn more about how Built for Teams handles PTO tracking, approvals and more.

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