HR is not minding its own house

Does your HR leader have a successor?

In the SHRM certification classes, we discuss the subject of succession and replacement plans. Yet a recent article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett in HR Dive, suggests that HR does not live up to what we are teaching others or preaching to our management teams.

Many would leave tomorrow

According to the article, 61% of CHROs would leave their jobs tomorrow if given a better opportunity. It is not clear if they would leave for another HR job or for something in an entirely different field. But, the frightening news is that only 50% of those that would leave tomorrow have someone trained to take on the role as a replacement. We preach that managers need to have successors identified and then don’t have one identified to take over if we leave.
In this topsy-turvy world of HR today, with rapidly changing laws, social mores, and demographic pressures, it is critical to have well-trained HR leaders who are ready to step into vacant positions.

Are you including HR in leadership training?

The HR department is often the one that drives leadership training, hopefully, for the rest of the organization, but apparently, they forget to include their own candidates in that training. HR leadership needs to be developed and fostered as much as does operations, sales, and financial leadership. I think including your next HR leader in those same classes that are set up for other leaders will give credibility to the HR voice in your company for the next generation of leadership.

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