Great ideas to prevent employees from clocking in for one another: A guest post


There are many ways to prevent time clock abuse.

Today’s post was written by Fredrick Cameron. Previously I published his post Have you ever thought of adding games to the company culture? This post talks about a problem that many organizations have struggled with in the past.

Nearly US$400 million is lost to time clock abuse in the US annually. Trust your employees? Don’t worry trust isn’t the issue, it’s the vice it’s so tempting that even your most disciplined employees find it convenient. Buddy punching is a rampant kind of time theft that is practiced across all industries in the world. Buddy punching is the act of an employee clocking in for their friend weather for the whole day, or a few minutes before they get into the office. It’s a tempting vice that costs employers a great deal of money in valuable time wasted.

If you are tired of paying employees who always gets to the office 10 minutes late and leave five minutes earlier, then there are a few ways that you can be able to curb buddy punching and get the most out of your employees. Keep in mind that most employees in the US and other countries are paid by the hour meaning that they should be productive to the last minute for you to actually get positive feedback from the accounts department. Although employees will always find ways to reward themselves with early breaks, at least technology is trying to curb buddy punching one-time tracking feature at a time.

Use biometric data to clock in

Although no system is foolproof, biometric time tracking is way more effective than most time tracking systems out there. Biometric time tracking involves the use of biometric data such as fingerprint scanning, retina scanning and facial recognition among others methods that involve unique body features to identify an individual.
Chances of having the same fingerprints, face or retina as your colleague are close to zero making the system reliable for many companies. Biometric time tracking can combine other features such as GPS and auto screenshot on employees’ computers just to make sure that they are at their workstations on time.

GPS time tracking

One of the best ways to manage a large team that operates in different locations and working on projects that require frequent movements/travel. GPS time tracking shows you the location of your employee from the time they clock into the time they clock out. Since the GPS time tracker shows the location of the employee, they are less likely to ask of your colleagues to clock in for them when stuck in traffic.
Location tracking also allows employees to monitor various remote workers will need to move from one side to another. Using such a system allows you to see where your employees are at a given time meaning the wound clock in at the confines of their hotel room or ask someone else to do it for them. It is also good to inform the employees that their location is being monitored translating to less time theft attempts.

Hold regular meetings

Unless yours is a large organization, holding morning briefs regularly ensures that employees are at work on time to attend the meeting. Even with the larger organizations, create a few minutes for small departmental meetings and ask for feedback from the department heads. In these meetings, you can all discuss time theft and how to avoid it.

Talking to your employees can also work miracles in regards to buddy punching and time theft. If you can be able to convince them through incentives and bonuses for proper time management, it is highly likely that the employees will feel the need to be responsible in the office.

Finally, ensure that your employees understand the consequences of buddy punching. Better yet, monitor your employees and quickly warn those involved in the vice. The best way is to have a one-on-one meeting with them explaining to them in a friendly way the benefits of good time management and consequences of buddy punching.

Buddy punching can be a costly affair for employers which means investing in time tracking systems such as the index time clock is a wise idea. Automated systems that are keenly monitored to avoid hacking and other forms of tampering are the way to go. In fact, working with an independent company makes it easy for you to monitor your employees’ movements without fearing any buddy punching activities.

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