The EEO-1 Report is due by March 31st

March 31st is an important date for employers with more than 100 employees.

March Madness basketball and St. Patrick’s Day are not the only events that you need to pay attention to in the month of March. If you are a private employer with 100 or more employees you have a report due to the EEOC by March 31st. This is the same report that used to be due in September. Last year it had been changed and was going to require compensation data to be included, but that requirement was changed by the Office of Management and Budget, which then reverted to the “old” EEO-1 report, now due March 31st. If you are not sure if you are required to submit this report, you can review which organizations are required by going here.

Must be electronic

The EEOC requires that employers submit their data electronically, no paper forms are accepted. You can find the instructions for filing electronically by visiting the INSTRUCTION BOOKLET. If you are new to this process there are instructions you can follow, with examples. NEW = Went over 100 employees in 2017. So, count your people and make your report on a timely basis.

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