Three Hump Day Reads for HR

Three HR lessons to educate you in the middle of the week.

As many of you know, I occasionally point out the blogs of others that I think do a great job of informing you or are just plain interesting. So here we go.

What the heck is a highly compensated employee under the FLSA?

I don’t know about you, but that has always been a puzzler for me in my reading of the Fair Labor Standards Act. I was never able to get, what I thought, was a decent description. Well Jason Shinn of Shinn Legal, PLC, has solved that for me. In his post, Untangling Confusion about FLSA Exemptions for Highly Compensated Employees, Jason describes the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Their decision relies on their interpretation of rules and tests. Take a look and see if you agree with their decision.

Generational Profiling

Tim Sackett is a very well respected writer and speaker and when he points something out, you best pay attention to it. Tim tackles the subject of “generational profiling”, aka age discrimination, on the part of many high tech companies. I have said a number of times that age discrimination is alive and well in the U.S. and Tim gives me even further reason to say so. Read this well-written indictment of the way many companies recruit today. GENERATIONAL PROFILING – THE NEWEST TREND IN RECRUITING!

Super Bowl – Leaving a ‘dirty’ ring

Every HR manager has had to deal with employees’ making up stories about needing time off for a personal family issue, only to find the time was being used for something else. Here is a great story from the Ask a Manager blog of Alison Green. It involves the Super Bowl, which will be held on February 4th. Many of you may have similar issues, so you need to read Alison’s advice on how she recommends this letter writer handle the Super Bowl fakery.
There you go. Three great blogs to educate and inform you. Good reading.

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