A replay: “Have you” questions to ask yourself

A great book for managerial and HR guidance.

I was flipping through my copy of The Little BIG Things and came across the pages that this previous post was written about. I thought as we approach the end of the year holidays it would be a good time to replay this post from earlier this year. Appreciation goes a long way!
I am a big fan of Tom Peters, especially of the book featured in the picture. As you can tell from the tabs I found a lot of his statements interesting and blog post worthy. In fact, I have written many a blog post using something from this book as inspiration. When I picked it up the other day, however, I realized that I had never finished reading it. I am now going to rectify that mistake. In flipping through I came across a section called: The Top 50 “Have-Yous”. I immediately found several that I thought were good thoughts to start a Monday off with, regardless if you are in HR or in management.

These caught my eye

These are typed just the way that Peters wrote it in his book. I wanted you to see his emphasis.

  • Have you thanked a frontline employee for a small act of helpfulness… in the last three days?
  • Have you thanked a frontline employee for a small act of helpfulness in the last …three hours?
  • Have you thanked a frontline employee for carrying around a great attitude…TODAY?
  • Have you in the last week recognized – publicly- one of your folks for a small act of cross-functional cooperation?
  • Have you invited in the last month a leader of another function to your weekly team priorities meeting???
  • Have you celebrated in the last week a “small” (or large) milestone reached? (I.e., are you a milestone fanatic? Are you a celebration fanatic?)
  • Have you taken, in the last month (two weeks?), an interesting- weird outsider to lunch? And do you keep careful track of “weird dude lunches?”

I am not sure if Steve Brown has read Peters’ book or not, but if there is anyone I know in HR who does these “have yous” it would be Steve Brown. He is renowned on the HR speaker circuit for his approach to his employees. I would not be surprised to learn that Steve thanks employees for little things and does it often.

Saying “thank you” and showing appreciation

Saying “thank you” to employees, even, nay… especially for the little things will go a long way to making employees feel appreciated. Do you want employee engagement? Try saying thank you and meaning it more often.
It might solve many employee “issues” that you have in your workplace. You might try picking up a copy of Peters’ book, the link is right below, I made it easy for you. Start reading, you will learn a lot.

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