Self-care is important to HR

Take the Steve Browne approach to how you view your work in HR.

I know many HR professionals who get down on themselves. Quite often the HR professional is their own worse critic. Too often we buy into the too often listened to nay-sayers about the HR profession, both in the general press and within our own companies.

The Done list

In a recent Management Tip of the Day from the Harvard Business Review Amy Jen Su says that “It’s important to occasionally recognize and appreciate all that you’ve accomplished…” She suggests that “You may want to keep a “done” list alongside your to-dos, so you don’t lose sight of how much progress you’ve made.” She suggests that you can determine what allows you to offer the most value to your organization.

Steve Browne

No one exemplifies the concept of self-care in HR more than does Steve Browne or @sbrownehr on Twitter. Steve is the voice of positivity in the field of HR. He is HR’s biggest cheerleader. He is proud of what he does in HR and is proud of many, many others in HR as well. He is not bothered by the popular opinions of HR because he knows that there are excellent people performing the job in numerous organizations. If you are ever feeling down on yourself or on the field of HR, get a dose of Steve by visiting his Twitter feed. Better yet, buy a copy of his book HR on Purpose!!
Start this last month of the year on a positive note. As you plan your next year, do so with a positive purpose. You will be better off for it and the people you surround yourself with will notice the difference.

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