Giveaway & Contest Ideas to Improve Workplace Morale

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It’s not just your imagination. Your employees seem to be shuffling through the day and just don’t seem engaged in their work. It’s highly likely your team struggles with motivation and engagement and could use a boost of morale. According to Gallup’s study on the State of the Global Workplace, only 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Gallup’s research also shows that employee engagement statistics are largely stagnant and not improving.
The engagement numbers may look harsh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and infuse a boost of morale in your own company. But instead of simply focusing on employee recognition programs and putting in more face time with your team, you can increase morale with unique giveaway and content ideas. Here’s how to get started:

Compete for a Coveted Perk

If your company doesn’t have extra money for giveaways and contests, you can still focus on valuable perks around your office. Launch a contest where the top salesperson for the month gets the exclusive use of the closest parking space to the front door for the following month. Or you can offer up the cubicle by the window or first dibs on a new computer, lunch with the boss, or the right to choose the office music.

Luck of the Draw

The National Association of Realtors has a unique suggestion to run a “lucky drawing” contest. Launch your own contest to run for one to two months and give your team a coupon book. Whenever they hit a goal like finalizing a new client contract, they can submit a coupon for a chance to win a trip giveaway. But the rest of your team can get in on the fun with smaller prizes so everyone has a real shot at winning. For smaller goals, give away movie tickets, camping gear from their favorite retailer or a manicure. Save your company money with this idea by taking advantage of holiday sales and corporate partnerships.

Focus on Wellness

Zappos practically wrote the guidebook for company culture with employee office parties, retreats, and a focus on their well-being. They encourage companies to incentivize employees by awarding points for participating in wellness events. Your company can take Zappos’ cues by giving away prizes or raffle tickets. Turn it into a friendly competition by keeping score on a white board to keep employees motivated and striving to win.

Win a Day Off

The family friendly Build-A-Bear company treats its own employees to paid days off for their birthdays and the chance to win full scholarships to schools of their choice. You can do the same and give away a day off or tuition for an online course. Reward employees who hit the most goals a day to relax, volunteer, or just add a day to their vacation time. An extra day off doesn’t really impact your company’s bottom line and can supercharge your workplace with morale.

Run a ‘Shark Tank’ Competition

Your best product and service ideas could come directly from your employees who know your business the best. Naked Wines uses an internal “Shark Tank” competition to keep employee morale high and uncover out-of-the-box ideas. Run your own idea generating competition by letting employees have two to three minutes to pitch the boss or entire office an innovative new idea. The intrinsic rewards of seeing their idea come into fruition may be reward enough, or offer a generous bonus to anyone whose idea makes it to the market.
Contests and giveaways don’t have to be expensive or time consuming to improve workplace morale. It just needs to be employee-focused where they’re motivated to compete and work hard to reap the rewards of meeting their goals.

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