How to Manage Work Relationships Between Millennials and Gen Z: A guest post

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Today’s post is by Lucy Benton, a young writer, living among the population about which she writes. I think you will find this post interesting.
Work is a dynamic place, uniting a lot of people working together as a team. They have different backgrounds, experience, characters. Moreover, they represent different generations and have different views and approaches to work, which often results in conflicts at the workplace.
We often hear how different the generation of Millennials is, compared to the “Z” generation. And as the oldest representatives of Generation Z have just entered the workforce, Millennials started to feel threatened by the new habits and viewpoints that the new generation brings along.
HR managers are trying to find out what makes the Millennials and Generation Z happiest in the workplace, but are still struggling to find the way how to bring these two generations together to create a successful work team.
After careful analysis of some data, we’ve picked 6 most helpful ways to manage the Millennials and Generation Z at a workplace.

Joint management training

Training managers and supervisors is the first required step to bring the employees together. The recent poll analyzing employee disengagement has shown that employees would rather change a boss than quit the job. Today’s situation shows that the Millennials occupy positions in management more often, while Generation Z represents frontline employees.
So when your executive staff mostly consists of a younger generation, you need new approaches and ways how to deal with them. Training the managers is the best way of explaining the Millennials how to deal with a younger generation and how to respect their opinion.

Encouraging diversity

How can you make the corporate culture of your company more diverse? For example, you can lend a HUB for the day and make your employees work there for a day without having walls separating them. This way they will observe each other working all day long, learn about each other’s habits and approaches to work. Employees that embrace diversity are prone to make better decisions and find creative solutions.Incorporate diversity into the corporate culture of the company. It should embrace the differences between the employees and should encourage their right to be different.

Work on team building

Let your team be a part of something more than just doing their job. Team building is a great way to bring together the employees. There are so many cool indoors and outdoors team building activities, like celebrating New Year’s together or just having a summer pool party.
But no matter what kind of team building you choose, often people of the same generation tend to separate, management employees separating from frontline employees and forming small groups.
To avoid that, make up such activities that will engage both the Millennials and the Generation Z, like playing video games together or making up a painting that will later be displayed in the hall of your company. Make it creative and fun!

Provide corporate education

Providing the employees with the opportunity to learn something new is always a good idea. But uniting the Millennials and Generation Z during the lecture on professional writing, for example, can really bond your team. Both generations will introduce their unique ideas, this way they will learn something brand new, it will help them become more flexible in their decisions and opinions.

Encourage leadership

According to an employee survey analyzing peculiarities of the Millennials and the Generation Z at a workplace, 84% of the Generation Z representatives strive to become leaders. So let your management team represented by the Millennials allow the younger generation to make important decisions and try on the role of the leaders.
For sure, they will make mistakes, but under proper supervision, they will be able to learn from them. This way you will bring up the new generation of successful leaders.

Identify ways of communication

The Millennials and the Generation Z each have their own preferences of how to communicate with others. While the Generation Z is very comfortable with the technology, the Millennials may feel a little bit confused as they prefer interpersonal communication more. Try to explain to both sides that all ways of communication are acceptable, respected and important.
Incorporate all ways of communication into the work process. Let the Millennials learn more about digital platforms of communication and the Generation Z learn about the peculiarities of interpersonal communication. Your employees will definitely appreciate the effort to respect their choice

Wrapping Up

The Millennials are the generation of managers, while the Generation Z is the generation of entrepreneurs. Representatives of the Generation Z are born to be leaders and are very different from their predecessors. For sure, bringing these two generations at the workplace can be quite difficult. But this issue is definitely manageable.
Generation clash at a workplace is a natural process, and conflicts which appear because of it are okay, too. If it’s positively channeled, your employees will have the opportunity to learn how to embrace the differences and understand each other. This way they will create a unique corporate culture and bring success to the company.
Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, a business consultant who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger, and currently, works at Assignmenthelper. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her on FaceBook and Twitter.

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