A change of administration has not meant a slow-down at the EEOC

The EEOC has not slowed down on lawsuits.

I pay attention to the press releases put out by the EEOC, in order to see what they are up to. I often use them as inspiration for blog posts. There seems to have been an uptick in lawsuits they are filing against companies. I am not sure of the reason. Perhaps it is because we are at the end of the fiscal year. Perhaps it is Obama era staffers getting in “shots” before there are changes going into effect from the Trump administration. Perhaps employers have been emboldened with Trump as president and are violating the law more. Who knows?

The cases

Here is a listing of the cases from JUST two days.
Whole Foods Market Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination – 9/28/2017 
EEOC Sues Pape Material Handling for Widespread National Origin Harassment – 9/28/2017 
Floyd’s Equipment Sued for Racial Harassment and Retaliation – 9/28/2017 
R Wings R Wild / Buffalo Wild Wings Sued By EEOC For Sex Discrimination – 9/28/2017 
PPG Industries To Pay $45,250 To Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit – 9/28/2017 
EEOC Sues MVM for Systemic National Origin Discrimination and Retaliation – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Optimal Solutions & Technologies for Disability Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore Mayor and City Council for Pay Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
Camber Corporation Sued by EEOC for Disability and Age Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
Mid-South Extrusion Sued for Disability Discrimination by EEOC – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues San Diego Company Insideup for Disability Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Files Three Lawsuits in D.C. Metro Area Charging Sex-Based Pay Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Norfolk Southern Corporation For Company-Wide Disability Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Cummins, Inc. For Pay Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Autonation For Sex Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
Kessinger Hunter Management Sued By EEOC For Disability Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Publix Super Markets For Religious Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues ACF And BJ’s For Sex Harassment, Retaliation – 9/27/2017 
Raley’s Sued by EEOC For Religious Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse For Pregnancy Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
Scribe-X Northwest Sued by EEOC For Pregnancy Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
EEOC Sues Birmingham Beverage For Race Discrimination – 9/27/2017 
If you are interested in reading just click on the title, I have published them as a link. The lawsuits span the country, East to West, North to South.
As an employer, you want to avoid getting your company listed in the EEOC press releases. Train employees, supervisors, and managers on what your harassment and discrimination policies are and enforce them.

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