Happy Birthday to my blog!

In 2006 I stuck my toe in the waters of HR blogging. At that time there were far fewer HR related blogs. I didn’t have much of a voice then, and I am not sure how much I have now. I did not make it on the most recent list of Top 100 HR Influencers, but I certainly have a broader readership than I did. BTW, congratulations to those on the list, especially the ones I consider friends. But I don’t write to be on lists (although it is nice to get a mention now and again.) I write to inform the everyday HR person, or HR non-person, that has responsibility for HR in their small or mid-sized company. I write on compliance issues, mistakes made by HR or HR mistakes of management. I also write about the future of work and HR. In order to be compliant in the future you have be aware of what is changing and that is why I write about the future. That is my motivation to crank out a post five days a week. Some people tell me I am crazy to write that much. Others tell me I need to turn all of that material into a book. All I can say is “I am working in it.”
If you want, leave a comment and wish me a happy birthday. Of course you can always send me $5 in a birthday card. 🙂
I truly hope you have gotten some value from my writing over these past 12 years. I am good for at least another 3 years. Who knows what will happen then.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my blog!”

  1. Congratulations, Mike, way to go! Thank you for your wisdom and insights. I’m a non-HR type that uses a lot of what you share. Thank you for making a difference and keep writing!
    Many “birthday” blessings!

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