4 Ways to Make Employee Safety a Top Priority

Safety should be a priority.

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While things like employee perks and recognition for a job well done are often cited as the best ways to retain top talent, another often-overlooked consideration is just as important: employee safety in the workplace.
Here are a few measures that you can take around the office to show employees that you put their safety first:

Add Plenty of Exterior Lighting

We’ve all been there, hurriedly fumbling with our keys in the dark, unable to see the lock, using your cell phone as a flashlight. Exterior lighting is an effective way to help your team feel safe at the office, especially for those employees who arrive early in the morning or leave late in the evening, when it’s dark outside. Illuminating dark exterior spaces deters criminals from lurking in the shadows by eliminating places where they could hide to scope out the property or wait for someone to rob. Install lights near the door on a timer so that they automatically switch on just before sunset and switch off soon after the sun comes up. Add a few motion-sensored lights around the perimeter of the building as well, to prevent the darkness from providing a safe haven to any criminals or vagrants.

Install Security Cameras

If a particularly bold criminal isn’t scared off by your office’s ample exterior lighting, a security camera system offers an extra layer of security to help employees feel safe. Opt for a comprehensive multi-camera system that can record high-definition video, like the HD security camera systems from Lorex Technology. With weatherproof cameras that feature long-range night vision recording capabilities, you can rest assured that these cameras are capable of catching incriminating footage in the event that a crime would occur. Don’t try to camouflage cameras; instead keep them in plain sight. In many cases, just seeing that the building is protected by a video security system will convince thieves to move onto an easier target.

Have Clear Emergency Plans

In case of an emergency, have a clear plan in place so your employees know what to do to stay safe. Create an emergency planning committee to set rules and regulations for how to handle a variety of emergency situations, including fire, flooding, a power outage or a natural disaster. Determine protocol for each scenario, with the goal of keeping employees safe and the business running as smoothly as possible with minimal downtime.
Once the committee has developed a plan, have an all-hands meeting with everyone in the office to review the new emergency policy. Run through the protocols step by step for each of the various situations to ensure each person has a clear grasp of what to do in the event of an emergency. Additionally, provide each employee with a laminated emergency protocol list to keep at his or her desk and display a large, poster-sized version in a common area or break room. Every few months, run through a drill to ensure everyone knows how to safely evacuate the office.

Host a Self-Defense Safety Course

A self-defense safety course is a great team-building activity that also offers ample real world value. Whether female or male, no matter what age, everyone can benefit from professional instruction on what to do in the event of being attacked. More than just a nice employee perk, taking a few hours to complete this course could save a life, which is something that every member of the team can be proud of.

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