Have you ever thought of adding games to the company culture?

Employee engagement is all the rage in companies. It is critically important. This guest post by Fredrick Cameron talks about how engagement can be enhanced by using games. 
How do you engage your employees at the office? How do you keep them motivated in an conventional environment that doesn’t always provide challenges? Working a 9 to 5 job without any sort of possibilities to put your creative spirit to the test is nerve-wracking; and you know that. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to motivate employees. Otherwise they’ll get bored, and sooner or later they’ll leave the company.
Have you ever thought of adding games to the company culture? By including competitive elements that compel workers, you keep them curious. Also, you will be able to drive attention, boost action and preserve focus. In a recent study, it was mentioned that smart companies can increase retention by 17% if they add games to the mix as opposed to lectures. Want to know more about what you can do to keep employees motivated? Read on to find out more.

Puzzling storytelling

 Give worker weekly challenges, and invite them to participate in puzzling sessions of storytelling. Also, focus on creating a solid reason for your team to interest with the story. Make it into a puzzle or game, and have them hunting for “treasures”. This way you’ll create even more engagement, and people will be compelled and curious to know what happen when they find the clues.

Active engagement

 When setting up games to engage employees, let them know they’re in charge. They should control the story’s action. If they’re wrong or heading in a bad direction, be there to provide guidance. Regardless of your company’s domain, promoting strong decision-making is fundamental. Treat your employees as your equals, and make them feel part of the company. Rather than treat them as simple employees, you should treat them as collaborators; team playing abilities are essential in a company that aims to increase ROI.


Game levels

 Craft the best game, and encourage employees to choose their teams. Use badges and reward those that perform the best. Have a objective, or a prize. It doesn’t have to be something overly expensive; a gift basket filled with sweets, for example, is an excellent prize. Emphasize that the journey and the actual experience to prove they’re the best, matters more than palpable incentives.
Don’t make the game seem too aggressive. It’s ok to compel them to be competitive; but that attitude shouldn’t be taken to the extremes. Encourage a collaborative spirit, and talk to your employees before the games begin. Keep in mind that the purpose is to motivate them to do better, work harder, and use their creativity to perform better and come up with new ideas that strengthens their abilities.

Build a leaderboard

Leaderboards are a simple, practical and impactful way to make games interesting in the office. Choose a custom leaderboard, and allow workers to choose their teammates. Keep scores, and challenges them to try harder to solve the puzzles. Training the brain with funny games and riddles is great for business too. Do it every Friday to loosen up the atmosphere and prepare them for a relaxing weekend ahead.
Game-based training is actually a good strategy to increase effort and expand knowledge. Games are an excellent learning, and studies have shown that they can increase player confidence with as much as 20%. A 90% improvement percentage in learning retention, and surprisingly, games lift task competition levels to 300%. Games that are contextually relevant are also challenging; a puzzle for example, improves brain function and instills ambition in your employees.

Overcome challenges when training employees

Training employees is tough; especially when your company is aimed at boosting ROI and maintaining the company culture intact. To keep them interested, you must constantly look for ways to instill their curiosity. Organize a boostcamp event or at the very least, brainstorming sessions where you can play games and interact with each other. Let your guard down and interact as human beings.
Making employees happy is easier said than done. Improving the relationship you have with your team, and consider a manor house to rent for a team building trip; choose your destination and make it count. Take the office outside the office and have a good time, strengthening both business and human relationships.

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