The Best Team Building Outings For Your Employees

Employees who enjoy each other tend to work together better.

Bonding with your employees can boost morale and build a tight-knit community within your company. The more your employees feel like part of a community, the more they will care about the work they do. Plan a unique and fun company outing that will let employees decompress from the stress of the workplace and get to know one another outside of the office. There are a number of opportunities that the whole company is sure to love, including picnics, hiking, river rafting, wine tasting and beach recreation. Here are some activity ideas and tips that will help you plan a company outing your employees will enjoy:

A Picnic

A picnic is an easy outing that doesn’t require extensive organization of transportation and only requires a few hours of everyone’s time. It is an ideal outing for employees that like low-key fun, good food and a relaxing environment. There are many city parks you can choose as your picnic location, as well as state parks. You can make your company’s picnic a potluck, where everyone contributes a favorite dish, or you can treat your employees and take on the responsibility of providing all the food and beverages. Make sure you check in with each of your employees about any food allergies they may have; the last thing you want is for an allergic reaction to ruin the event. Bring a personal grill for some barbecued foods — wood-fire flavored grills, like Traeger Grills, will enhance the flavors. Also, provide some outdoor entertainment and recreational gear that will enhance the picnic experience, like croquet, frisbee, badminton and a soccer or volleyball.

The Great Outdoors

Have an adventurous outing with your company’s team members where you can enjoy the great outdoors. If you live close to any trails, go for a day hike. The rigor of climbing a mountain and the reward of the view at the top is an experience that will have a team-building impact. Make sure you bring along a first aid kit, snacks and ample water supply.
Another nature-themed outing, for thrill-seekers, is white water river rafting. This is an excellent sport that will place your employees in an exciting situation where they all have to communicate and work together. It is an exhilarating activity that your team won’t forget.

Wine Tasting

Set up a wine tasting experience that will let your employees uncork and unwind. Set up a wine tasting tour for your team, where you can safely travel between wineries via a chartered bus or van. Check the website of any nearby vineyard for a list of all the tour companies you can choose from. Try and keep your day of tastings to around three wineries or less, so your employees won’t lose their composure in front of their colleagues. Keep in mind that some vineyards offer wonderful fine-dining options, where you can treat your team to a decadent dinner at the end of the day.

Beach Recreation

For spring/summer recreation, you can’t beat the beach. A visit to the beach is a great escape from the office that will help your employees refresh and recharge. Make sure you visit the beach with a purpose, so you can engage in a fun activity as a group. In advance, poll the team and see what kind of activities they’d enjoy most. Some activity examples that you can propose include surfing, kite-surfing, boating, fishing, sand dune buggies, beach town exploration or beach lounging. Once your team has reached consensus on an activity, you should find a recreational company that can accommodate your team or set up gear rentals for the intended activity.

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