Report from Day 3 of #SHRM17

Gary Kushman speaking on trends that will affect HR.

Tuesday at #SHRM17 started off with a rousing presentation from Patrick Lencioni, CEO  The Table Group. Patrick’s theme was selecting the right team. He had a great deal of information but the information that I thought was most important to record was his advice on selecting the right team. He said:

  • We need to stop focusing on technical skills and measurables. Today because technology changes so fast we need to hire for attitude.
  • To find those people you need to improve interviewing. That is done by:
    • Avoiding silo’ed interviews. Do team interviews, or as least debrief after the first interview and make it so you can drill down and collect more information
    • Conduct non-traditional interviews- get out of the office-see how they act in the real world. One example given was one CEO who would go early to a restaurant and give instructions to have the wrong order brought to see how the candidate would react to that “adversity.”
    • Ask questions more than once- the Law and Order style of questioning
    • Scare people with sincerity- Get people to reveal their core values.

Changing nature of work

The other major presentation I heard was Gary Kushner’s The Changing Nature of Work: Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy. Gary’s five trends include:

  1. Demographic shifts are changing. As Gary says most of us have heard this before, but it continues to be relevant, especially because we have five generations in the workforce.
  2. Socially networked workplace. Gary does not mean employees on Facebook or Twitter, he means employees who have the ability to tap resources from around the globe to solve problems.
  3. Rise of microwork- More and more resources provide opportunities for bits and pieces of work to be done. Should employees be allowed to use these microwork resources? That is a question of the future.
  4. Machine learning- they are getting smarter but Gary does not think machines will entirely replace people, but certain jobs will be replaced by AI.
  5. Human Capital Advantage- We have a number of issues with our employees and what we can provide them. According to Gary these include:
    • Freedom and flexibility
    • Ability to grow by doing work that is enjoyed
    • Ability to get a second paycheck after the day job
    • Competition and recognition
    • And be actively engaged

Gary summed up his presentation by saying we have to:

  • Think creatively,
  • Strategize and align carefully
  • Plan for the future
  • Experiment
  • Implement

This venue is huge. The expo hall was enormous and you get foot sore but the vendors were fantastic. I interviewed several and they will be profiled later in the week.
If you want to read other people’s impressions of the conference then search Twitter or Google for #SHRM17.

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  1. Hey Michael,
    Great Article!
    The changing in the nature of the work can be observed in HR as nowadays they use an ATS System as it reduce the routine work. The ATS System makes work faster, easier, reduce manual filing, maintain each and every records of the clients, candidates.

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